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Authentication Service


We have been buying and selling authentic Tag Heuer watches since 2001 and have over 1400 sales under our belts. We pride ourselves on never having bought, let alone sold, a fake/replica Tag Heuer watch.

Unfortunately over recent years there has been a huge increase in fake/replica Tag Heuer watches coming onto the market particularly on auction websites. These are now becoming more accurate and difficult to recognise. This is also compounded by the fact that genuine Tag Heuer boxes and papers are widely available to buy from auction websites meaning that the presence of boxes and papers is no longer a reliable indicator of a genuine Tag Heuer watch.

For a fixed fee of £9.95 will authenticate any Tag Heuer watch. We will give a 100% definitive answer on whether a watch is a genuine Tag Heuer model or not, if we are unable to give you a 100% answer we will refund your money. In the highly unlikely event that we are wrong and tell you a watch is authentic and it turns out to be a fake/replica we will GUARANTEE that we will buy the watch from you for the price you paid!

Why take the chance of paying a large amount of money for a fake/replica watch when for only £9.95 you can have peace of mind and a guarantee that your watch is authentic.

If you are considering selling your watch on an auction website this service could also be invaluable to you. Unless you can guarantee that your watch is authentic you run the risk of having your listing removed. On request we will email you written confirmation that your watch is authentic this can only help to get the best possible price.

All you have to do is click on the link below to pay the fixed fee for the authentication service, you can then send photographs (the more the better) or a link to a webpage such as an auction website page to  . We will then get back to you within 24 hours with a definitive answer or refund your money.

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